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             We Treat People With Heart

At TLH LAB, we genuinely care about the people we serve, the workers we employ, under served communities around the world, and mother nature herself. We strive to ensure our customers feel well taken care of and that they're happy with their TLH LAB products.

We strive to make the people around TLH better. Help employees grow, even change their destiny, help customers succeed in their careers, abide by business rules, help suppliers grow.

              We Treat Projects With Heart

We have owned decades of excellent battery pack production technology. We are pursuing the R & D innovation, manufacturing. We take your project seriously and with heart. Our engineering team always are looking for the best electric Solution and battery pack production craftwork to prolong the battery life, to increase durability, and reduce the tech waste. 

At TLH, we provide LiFePO4 batteries over 5000 cycles. Our Mission is to build one new energy module which is cheaper, more sustainable and more eco friendly. 

                We Treat Planet With Heart

That's why TLH LAB build three program "Cut Back, Give Back, Take Back" to make a difference. Our heart voice of TLH LAB we should make some donations to the people and community who need help. Besides, we also should protect our motherland’s environment.

TLH is working towards a future with less tech waste and more heart. We hope you'll join our mission.